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Bathroom Centre, a trading name of Wirral Bathrooms Ltd, registered in England and Wales as Company Number 09355480 at the registered address 2 Wigdale Row Off Station Road, Hawarden, Flintshire, CH5 3QR (the “Company”) is completely committed to protecting the online privacy of all users who come into contact with our Websites, including, but not limited to, and This Policy details how we intend to conduct ourselves and manage our practices when it comes to involving your privacy, and how the same could impact you and/or pertain to you and your privacy. “You” or “Your” means you as a member in or as the person using our Websites, including without limitation, and all website derivatives owned by the Company. “We” or “Our” or “Us” when used has the meaning Bathroom Centre as a trading name of Wirral Bathrooms Ltd and “Our Site” whenever used means and associated domains. All information and or material supplied to Company through Our Site is to be classed as assets of the Company, and the Company shall be free to use and or employ said information and or material for any lawful purpose as detailed throughout.

Our site includes links to other sites, and we are not involved in or accountable for the approaches to privacy or the content or material that such sites employ. We hold the right to provide any information given to us to relevant legal bodies and or government bodies as we, in our exclusive discretion, see as needed to be compliant with the law.  

I. Gathered information
II. Use of data gathered
III. Disclosure of data to third parties
IV. Your opt-out rights
V. We DO NOT mean nor intend to collect nor gather any data from minors
VI. Our right to make contact with you
VII. Our right to decide to change things
VIII. Our contact information
IX. Anti-spam policy / Can-Spam Act Compliance
X. Information for ISP



We autonomously gather and or track numerous things: page headers, HTTP details, domain names, server names, class of computer, web browser used, IP addresses, information and material consciously given by you through forms that are on-line, sign up forms, request forms, template documents, landing pages, surveys, and a range of other type of data entry, such as personal details, financial information, user defined material, aggregated information, parts of the site users visit, for how long visits last by site and by site area, and names and email addresses of users that get in touch with the Company and Our Site via email or other form of connection through social media and similar.


We use a varied combination of the details, data, information, and material supplied to us to improve your visitor experience when you navigate Our Site and or engage with the Company and to give us the ability to put content in front of you that we think you would have interest in and or see value in and or that may be helpful to you. We try to make sure that we only take the necessary contact and personal details from you and we use these to send you news relating to our company and advertising content from us and our selected partners from time to time. We are also likely to use the information supplied to us to improve our site for a range of improvement-led uses such as enhanced marketing, advertising, and promotional purposes of our Company and or our partners, statistical data decision making and for editorial purposes among other lawful and perfectly normal uses you could reasonably expect of an authentic business like ours. Gathered information will stay on our data records. By becoming a user of Our Site and or by engaging with the Company you agree that you may be contacted in any type of way that is referred to in this section using the contact information that you supply to us.  


If you so decide to release personal information and or material, it will be employed by us for the following purposes: engagement with you about an offering that we are putting into the world; as may be required by law; marketing and advertising the Company across all platforms including social media and email marketing specific to the products and or services which we believe, in our exclusive judgement, that you could be interested in or get value from our which could help you. We reserve the right the distribute information and or material that we gather to third parties that have been vetted and validated by us beforehand, and that will only communicate you and or share marketing of products and or services with you for things that you could find interest in, get value from or find helpful.


You can always opt-out of getting all communications from us and or our partners by not giving us your information. You can also take up the option to take yourself off all our lists and campaigns and we will only then hold your data on a Do Not Contact list to comply with the law of certain lands and states. If you do decide to remove yourself then we promise to do just that. You can take up this option by clicking the “Unsubscribe” links at the bottom of marketing emails and selected communications and you can also request to be removed by sending us a request via email to  


The information and or material supplied to us and or our partners are not designed to be nor are they intended to be viewed by minors (children under 18 years of age). No information, whatever that may be, gathered from minors is ever consciously used or employed for any purpose which is beneficial to us and or our partners whatsoever, either within or external to No section or piece of is built to entice or attract anyone under 18 years of age.


We hold the right to reach out to you regarding your account standing and with regards to any changes to any agreements, policies or Terms and Conditions that we put in place and that are relevant to you as a user. We also hold the right to reach out to you regarding any advertising, marketing and or promotional activity that we may be undertaking under the Company including via any domain derivative under the ownership of the Company.


We hold the right the amend this policy and anything that may be linked to it by letting you know of the changes in terms of occurrence and location of any changes or by posting said changes online at Our Site.


If you have any questions whatsoever about us and or our approach to privacy or anything else, we welcome you contacting us via email to


We are committed to complying fully with the ‘Can-Spam Act’ which become effective as of 1st January 2004. You could get email from our Company via or, in the following conditions:

Appeals for extra material to further inform an existing application

Recognising your request has been received and inviting supplementary action

Reply to your questions concerning the position of your transactional requirements Thanking you

Announcements for our products, services, amendments in services, the release of new products or sides of the business or launches of new campaigns

Promotions for third party products and services that have been pre-vetted by us as being of potential interest to you are described in Disclosure of Data to Third Parties

To safeguard acquiescence with the Can-Spam Act, the Company and Our Site has put in place the following processes for the sending of email:

All emails issued to you by the Company (for instance via will evidently identify as the sender. FROM / SENDER: or (NOTE: The actual sender may alter from department to department, but all from addresses will end with

Subject lines of any email you get form us will always be accurate in its description of the topics within the email.

Any email from the Company (for instance via will include the option to opt out from future emails from us.

Opting out will ensure the user is taken off ALL lists held at the Company bar the list of unsubscribers which will be kept by way of ensuring no more communications are sent to you by us; bar any customer service communications concerning the processing and status of a current issues and or order and or question.

All emails directed to you by Bathroom Centre include valid mail address info in the footer.

All third-party partners are required to operate completely in compliance to the Can-Spam Act.

Emails sent to you directly by the Company (for instance via will have an email address and actual address where you can send any type of communication you so wish such as questions or concerns you may have. 

Any links embedded in emails will only be to or related domains owned and operated by us. 


Web site: Email Address: and

We are completely aware of users concerns about the use of their personal and even generic information relating to them. We sincerely hope that the information contained in this policy allays any concerns you may have regarding our approaches, practices and more generally our company and our partners.  

Email sent by us always include information about the source of the emails and directions on how receivers can opt out from getting future emails.

On occasion, the Company may conclude an arrangement with a third-party website to allow persons to opt into our advertising program on those third-party websites. In such cases the third-party websites have epitomised and warranted to us, as well as other things, that the data was gathered willingly and on the decision of people on website sign-ups and mutual sign-ups, that the vendors hold a right, under any appropriate privacy declaration, to handover the data to us, and that the Company holds the right to distribute advertising and or marketing communications to the individuals concerned.

We spend a lot of time thinking about our users and our market and we want to operate in a manner that best serves them and keeps them safe online. We hope that this information appeases your need to feel safeguarded in today’s world, and that you are clear and happy with the approach that we take at Bathroom Centre when it comes to privacy, email, and marketing practices.

Should you want to contact us to discuss any of this or any other such theme then do not hesitate to contact us via email at


Thanks and regards,


Bathroom Centre (a trading name of Wirral Bathrooms Ltd)